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29.11.2003, 23:30
Hier eine sehr interessante Mitteilung von Yamaha US im Motifator-Forum über die Verwendung von USB-Devices für den MOTIF ES. Ich weiß allerdings nicht, welche dieser Geräte auch auf dem europäischen Markt erhältlich sind.



USB Devices
As people are picking up ES and want to get memeory devices for ti , we tho0ught we shouldn post this and make it stick. There are tested devices available in the Motif Mart now as well.

We have tested a bunch of USB devices and here is our growing list. One thing we have mentioned before and confirm again the ES does not support USB hubs or devices that require a hub driver ( see below).

Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, Flash Disks, Jump Drives, etc

These have many names , but are basically all similar devices. They are small devices about the size of lighter that can hold between 64 MB to 1 GB of memory. They connect directly via USB to the ES or your computer. A driver is required for Windows 98. Almost all of these devices are compatible, but there are some manufacturers who have created these devices to use hub drivers different class of which the ES does not support.

Manufacturer Device Name Compatible
PNY Memory Stick Yes
Memorex ThumbDrive Yes
Lexar JumpDrive Yes
JumpDrive 2.0 Pro Yes
Jump Drive Trio Yes

Butterfly Media Flash Disk NO, Hub Driver
AVB Flash Disk NO, Hub Driver

Smart Media Readers

All the ones that we have tested have worked. Doesn't make to much sense to ahvea Smart Media reader attached to the Es because it has it's own Smart Media slot, but if you wanted to only use Smar t Media , you could have one card in the ES's Smart Media card slot and a Smart Media Reader attached to the USB Host port.

For removable media a good choice is the IOMEGA Zio drives.

IOMEGA Zip 250 Yes
Zip 100 Yes
Fro loading Akai or A4000 CDROMs , you will need a USb CDROM drive. Here are a couple we have tested, but any USB CDROM drive that complies ot the USb standard should work.

IOMEGA CDRW 48x24x48
Yamaha CDRW 48x24x48

Multi Card Reader- These allow you to connect Sony memory sticks, IBM Micro drives, Smart Media cards, Compac Flash disks , etc to your ES. Again there are lots of choices and these all seem to work fine.

Sanmax USB 2.0/1.1 Slimline Yes
Iwill 6 in 1 card reader Yes

USB Switcher for connecting a memory device on one side and your ES and computer on the other so that you can access the memory device from either wihtout plugging or unplugging anything. Automatic Switcher that require software for the switching will not work , you need a manual switcher with a button.

Aten USB Switcher US-401 Yes

Once again hubs are not supported by the ES.
All USB Hubs All Hubs NO, Hub Driver