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01.09.2001, 2:53
Hi everybody!
I have such a problem: I have bought an used 1 GB SCSI hard drive on eBay.de , it works perfectly under my comuter/windows 98 , and with my Yamaha EX5 synth. But when I am trying to format it from psr9000 (to use it with PSR I have to format it from PSR of course) - it is impossible! I have "Disc error!" message every time after ca.15 seconds of formating. So PSR can "see" it , but can't format it. Also my SCSI CD-ROM once can be read, and the other time not. I dont know whats going on ? Maybe my SCSI-controler in PSR is damaged?
P.S. I have 8GB HD instaled inside PSR too, with 2 partitions (4GB each)

01.09.2001, 4:41

this sounds like most common problems with SCSI related to normal computers, too.

SCSI is logically a bus. So, you must take care for a proper termination at each end of the bus. Further, check the SCSI addresses of your connected devices. There must not be any address double assigned. Each device needs a unique address. PSR is also a device with an address.

Regards Frank

01.09.2001, 7:33
The PSR Divece(controller)adress is fixed on 7.
You can use any other adress between 0 and 6.
But, it could be wise not to use 0.

01.09.2001, 8:56
Rainer, I thought That it SHOULD be 0 or 5 (when you go to setup menu = power up with start , it says "set SCSI ID to 0 or 5 " , or it is "0 to 5" ? I have to check it out today and let you know).
As for another sugestions: I had set HD ID to "0" and CD-ROM ID to "4". About termination- I am not sure, have to check it out. I just didn't worry about it , because as I said it works perfectly with my EX5 synth.
Thanx guys for so quick respons, I will let you know.

03.09.2001, 17:13
IMHO, only 0 or 5 is able to update with a new system.

Thats the reasan why I use another id for only storing data. Im not shure if otherwise a problem could occures.

06.09.2001, 20:49
Some news:
1) I have finaly set ID to "5" - still no efect.
2) PSR can format JAZ disc without problems...
Totaly hopeless...

06.09.2001, 23:57
Hey, don't give up.

If your PSR is going to format any drive via the SCSI interface, then it does not look like a damage of the SCSI controller.

It rather looks like a problem with the hard disk control unit. You said, you can format the harddisk if attached to your PC ?

Please, list your configuration in a table form, so that it can be easier supervised. Probably like this, symbolizing the logical SCSI bus...

Term internal PSR.....
Term internal HDD.....

May be that your configuration looks different. What kind of harddisk do you use ? Manufacturer, type, model ?

What kind of PC do you use, if it works succesfully ?


07.09.2001, 1:49
You're right Rainer about 0 or 5 . I've set "5" for CD and "0" for HD , terminated chain and ...nothing. So I've disconected CD to be sure everything is set OK, and I've give HD number "0" (becouse my one wouldn't like to be 5 - I dont know why , the same is with PC), I have terminated it and... it is still the same!!!!!!!!! PSR can see HD without any problems ( with any ID) , than I start to format , I can hear one clik in HD , on my screen is "Formating" message, but HD is totaly quiet , no sound like during formating from PC, and than after ca. 1 minute I got "Disc error" message. Strange is that this disc work perfect with PC and my EX5 synthesizer.
Other strange things are :
1) PSR works perfectly with JAZ drive (with ID 6) and with CD-ROM ( any ID you like).
2) My problems started a month ago, when I've had another 1GB Hard drive, which has no jumper for ID setting. Psr has formated it (!!!)without any problems , and after one day of using.... can no more even see it!!!!!!
I've sold this HD ( has no jumper) , bought another one on eBay, and you know the rest of my nightmare! It,s hopeless...
ANY SUGESTIONS? Is it possible that my SCSI controller is damadged? Why it formated previos HD and then can't see it? All the time I have v.2.12 of OS.
I have also previous versions of OS , i.10, 1.16 , ... do you thing Rainer that if I load earlyer OS it can work?
Hopeless Jacek.

07.09.2001, 8:15
Hi, Jacek,

please try to format with any other ID then 0 or 5, e.g. 3.

Or wait until sunday,
then i try to format my scsi device with several ids.
I will response about this trys at sunday evenig.

kings regards


07.09.2001, 12:04
Rainer, I've tryed with all possible IDs - doesn't work.
My set-up is :

1) PC Asus P3BF +Celeron533 +128RAM +SbLive! +SCSI Tekram 930 controler
This PC can format HD without any problems

2) Yamaha EX5 synth + SCSI board
Also can format this HD without probs (but in his own file system of course, so you can't use this drive with PC or psr)

HD is Seagate model ST31055N , here you have links to very good site of it : http://www.thetechpage.com/cgi-bin/db/db.cgi?displayItem=143 http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/scsi/st31055n.html http://www.drives.net/ST31055N.htm

Especially first link shows up all jumper sets that this drive has - MAYBE THATS A CLUE !!! MaybeI have to set some jumpers different, not only ID ?
Zulu , you seems to be pro inthis topic http://www.yamaha.de/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif))
And Zulu , I thought that psr has ID=7 , hasn't it ? Becouse when I set HD ID to 7 - it makes psr crazy ( flashes some messages on display).
Thanx for interesting , guys.Jacek

07.09.2001, 14:47
Oh my Good , Zulu , I thought that my internal HD is IDE , not SCSI ... To be honest , I've ordered PSR9000 with HD and 64MB RAM , so was sure ( isn't it so in mannual ? ) that it it IDE HD... OK. , I will check it out and let you know.
Thanx again!
I just wonder if I can open psr up, when during guaranty period?

07.09.2001, 17:11
Hi Jacek,

I just read the online manual of the 9000. You are right, it is an IDE internally. Well, as I mentioned beforehand, nobody will ever be perfect.

Sorry, I thought, that you had two SCSI disks. I am not familiar with the 9000 ion detail. I have to do a lot with computers and I use only the vocal harmony part of the 9000pro for a customer's project.

So, I learned a lot now. But, despite the disk type, there may be an influence between the both disks. May be that the OS of the PSR has some problems with multiple FATs. May be that the address space for sector allocation is already allocated by your internal disk.

Regarding the logical bus, I correct what I statet before according to the fact that you have only one SCSI disk.

1)Termination onboard of PSR
2)SCSI Controller inside PSR with ID ....?
3)HDD external with ID ....?
4)Termination onboard external HDD

Regarding the jumper setting I believe that everithing said stays the same.

Regards Frank

08.09.2001, 1:44
Hi Jacek,

well, I try my best. You know, being an expert can only be an aim, nothing you will ever reach. So far philosophical aspects.

Hey, did I read it right in your first posting: You have already another hdd inside the PSR? So does that mean, you try to install the respective one on the external SCSI interface ?

So you have the following configuration on the logical SCSI bus(?):

1)Termination onboard of inside HDD
2)HDD inside PSR with ID ....?
3)SCSI Controller inside PSR with ID ....?
4)HDD external with ID ....?
5)Termination onboard external HDD

Please, confirm and try to complete the actual ID figures.

Looking at the Seagate service pages I can at first glimpse say, you should have teh following jumpers set:

a) the ID jumpers according to the ID you wish to have. Just double check the right orientation of the jumper connectors. Sometimes one is sure but shit happens.

b) If you have a configuration as the one given above you should try
"Terminator Enable" jumper set,
both "Motor Start" jumpers open,
"Write protect" open,
"Paritiy Disable" I currently check,
"Term.Power from Drive" most likely open - try both set ups,
"Term.Power to SCSI bus" open,
"Term.Power from SCSI bus" most likely set.

There may be the chance, if you have two drives, that the TermPwr config is not appropriate. Some multiple power sources may cause slight phase shifts which some buses don't like.

Just keep us on track and good luck.

09.09.2001, 18:19
HI again Frank!
I have opened psr ( 28 screws...), tooke internal HD out from it (yes , its IDE disc), and had no chance to see SCSI controller , think it is deep inside somewhere) But as I said before l, I am sure it has ID=7. What is important that after that nothing, changed, always the same : 1) clik in disc, 15 seconds of "Fomating now" message , and then one more click in disc and "Disc error!" message. And completely silence during "Formating" message , like it has no power http://www.yamaha.de/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif)) to do this, only small click...
I think I have enough... no chance...
Aha, and Frank, one of you proposition of setting jumpers is impossible becouse of jumper block anatomy.

09.09.2001, 22:16
Hi Jacez,

that sounds like bad luck.

But, did you try to remove the internal disk and to only connect the external SCSI ? I understood that you always tried with both disks connected ?

If it were a problem with the PSR operating system and its FAT memory allocation, then it might disappear if you would connect only the external SCSI disk. Well, it is just another idea how to help the situation.

It is quite difficult from far to analyse problems like your's.

Oh I just think about your words: "...it sounds as if there is no power to the SCSI drive...".

Of course, there is a difference between the IDE 2,5" connection and the SCSI connection. IDE 2,5" includes the power for the drive, whilst the SCSI is only the command and data bus. So your external drive will definitely need an extra power cord. Just check this. Most likely you did already. (:-)

Regards Frank

13.09.2001, 12:52
Hi again , I think last time.
Of course my internal IDE disc was OUT when trying to format SCSI disc !!!! But it still doesn't work. Last question is : is it possible that's a damaged SCSI cabel? But why can be format from PC and synh then? I will check out this last thing, and then go for JAZ drive , I suppose...

13.09.2001, 16:03
Hi Jacek,

I once more read the online manuals of the PSR9000 and your harddisk.

It may be, that you need an adapter from SCSI-1 to SCSI-2.

Your harddisk has a SCSI-1 interface which uses a 8-bit databus. The PSR9000 apparently uses a SCSI-2 interface which uses a 16-bit databus.

I don't know now the exact pin allocation. So, even if you have the same plugs it may be, that there is a different pin assignement or your harddisk is only accepting less datapin than the PSR is sending. Therefore an adapter may help. Perhaps, you can get one for testing.

Regards Frank